After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, ceramic studios around the world joined together to offer a creative
outlet to the people of our nation.

Thousands of tiles, reflecting patriotism, heroes, courage, unity, poetry, and other positive themes arrived in NYC, and more continue to arrive. The “artists” are represented worldwide and have been families, children, schools, churches, scouts, and senior groups. Each tile reflects the
artists’ thoughts of sadness and hope in the
face of this American tragedy and once again,
shows that the American people will
pull together in times of national disaster.

The first New York memorial is located
on a chain link fence at the corner of 7th
Avenue and 11th Street.
This memorial and the tiles on it have been
shown in several television shows and
music videos. 
It is also regularly visited by tourist buses. 
The second memorial is at the Tribute WTC
Center on the southside of Ground Zero.

To find a studio in your area  please visit

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